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Your Guide to the International Builders Show in 2024 (IBS)

By Star Report 5 min read

What is the 2024 IBS Show?

The International Builders’ Show (IBS), hosted by the National Home Builder Association, is the largest annual light construction show in the world. Last year, the show welcomed more than 70,000 visitors worldwide. 

IBS 2024 will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center February 27-29. 

This show connects, improves, and educates the residential construction industry and focuses on advancement. It serves as a central hub for unveiling new products, showcasing construction demonstrations, hosting sessions with industry thought leaders, conducting workshops, engaging in panel discussions, and much more. The insights, products, and expertise attendees acquire at this event will provide tangible ideas and effective solutions, empowering their teams to enhance and strengthen their business.

Preparing for the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas

For visitors, this show can seem quite overwhelming. There are many events and guests, and it is essential to do some research beforehand so you can make the most out of your experience. The floor plans, schedules, and exhibitor lists are all featured on

At the show, there are many opportunities to interact with booths, attend educational sessions, and network with industry professionals. By looking ahead, attendees can plan to visit interest-specific areas of the show to find products, the latest industry trends, and expand their network. To stay organized,  attendees can download the app

The Las Vegas Convention Center is a massive space, and lots of walking will be involved. Wearing comfortable shoes and attire is a must. Business casual is the usual attire, but attendees can run the gamut,  wearing jeans or suits. 

When packing for this event, guests may want to bring a backpack for flyers and promotional items, a notebook, a pen to write down notes, especially in the educational sessions, and a portable charger since cell service tends to be slower due to the many attendees.

Additionally, many of the sponsors tend to host after-parties, New Home Star included. These events foster a more relaxed atmosphere to interact with those in the industry and even sign business deals. The venues for the afterparties feature coveted views and some of the most prestigious locations.

Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at  This Year's Show

You Bought the Tech, Now How Do You Get Your Sales Teams to Use It?

Speaker(s): Keith McKinney, Kimberly Mackey, and Anya Chrisantson 

Location: West Concourse in Room 315

Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Time: 10:15 AM 

How to Appeal to the New Generation of First-time Homebuyer: Want They Want Versus What You Can Give!

Speaker: Keith McKinney

Location: Sales Central Lounge

Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Time: 3:00 PM

New Features for the 2024 International Builders’ Show 

There are many new features coming to this year’s show, including pre-show learning sessions, event floor categories, and an influx of educational options and flexibility. The show will offer two new pre-show opportunities to showcase critical segments of the housing sector. This gives guests the opportunity to network industry-leading concepts, connect with content experts, and tackle challenges in all-day attentive programs.

The event floor is divided into six distinct categories and outdoor exhibits that are designed to empower participants to tailor their visit according to specific interests, product categories, and thematic zones. Additionally, there is an influx of educational opportunities. Super sessions leave guests with current insights into the industry and a roadmap with practical tactics to impact their homes and communities. The sessions will be offered throughout the event to ensure flexibility and an overall effective learning experience. 

Network with Leading Industry Experts And Engaging Through Social Media

It is recommended to follow up with new connections and respond through social media after the show. One key tip is promptly following up (within 24 hours) with any contacts established during the conference. Don't miss out on valuable connections by waiting too long!

Another key tip is to share conference takeaways through social media posts at the event. Participants can create a post tagging the speaker and including the IBS's hashtag (#IBS2024). This not only fosters connections after the event but also helps establish the attendee’s presence as an influencer in the field.

The All-in-One Sales Platform Showcased at The International Builder Show Vegas - New Home Connect™

New Home Connect introduces a unique edge in the new home sales industry by providing insights based on national expertise to leverage builder partners' competitive edge and increase sales. This is done through three hubs.

  1. The training hub has scalable training with 500+ training modules, seven senior trainers, and 54,000 answered questions. This platform ensures that agents are equipped with information, resources, and best practices to combat current challenges. 
  2. The marketing hub provides agents with toolkits so that they can become experts in leading quality traffic to their communities. With options to request collateral to run Sales Agent Marketing Initiatives (SAMI) or consultation for troubled communities, our goal is to provide marketing strategies for home builders so they can increase quality leads, resulting in more sales. 
  3. The operations hub gives builders a strong competitive edge. The Asset 180 tool, based on 180 questions, assists in preparing sales teams to build and defend the value of their community. The Competition Study allows builders to stay aware of the competition and find the best positioning strategy.  Customer segmentation showcases insight into the buyer’s motivations and preferences. The business plan tool paves the way for a strategic roadmap to drive success. Lastly, the reporting panel allows for teams to gain information on sales performance for each team member. 

Make Sure to Visit the New Home Star Booth

We will attend  IBS 2024  and will participate in the educational sessions, have a booth featuring our proprietary home builder software, New Home Connect™, and welcome private builders to an exclusive after-party. 

Our booth, Booth W4067, will be housed in the west hall. Additionally, our very own Vice President, Keith McKinney, and Regional Vice President, Nick Czar, will make exclusive appearances and will speak at the educational sessions. 

Interested in learning more about our industry-leading platform? 

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Originally published Feb 5, 2024 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 5, 2024

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