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Hiring a Sales Team ...

Hiring a Sales Team in New Home Sales

By Star Report 4 min read

By Nate Amidon, Sales Leader - New Home Star //

There are countless business books and discussions that target a dangerous phrase often used by management teams at various levels, and this phrase runs rampant inside the new home building industry. The phrase, “that’s how we’ve always done it,” summarizes the traditional options that builders believe to have when it comes to actually selling and monetizing their product. Historically, there have been two options:

Option 1 - Hire a brokerage group to sell their homes.

Option 2 - Hire a sales and sales management team onto the builder’s books as an “in-house” team.

Both of these options have left builders wanting, as they come with negative complexities that beg for a new, more innovative solution. As Einstein is quoted, perhaps too often, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.”

There is now a third option that some of the very best builders have discovered and gravitated towards. This option involves the use of a specialization company such as New Home Star, a dedicated brokerage group that combines the look and feel of an in-house team with the financial benefits of the outsourced model. This approach has been deemed the way forward in selling and managing the revenue side of your business. For three different reasons, it allows you to expect a different result from your sales efforts:

Reason #1: New Home Star is a dedicated team built for your business.

New Home Star sells new homes for builders. That’s all. It is the myopic focus of the entire organization. There are no distractions within the company or its people on selling resale homes, gaining listings, or anything else that so often distracts from the performance of general brokerage teams. New Home Star builds, trains, develops and manages sales teams with the dedicated focus on selling YOUR homes. As so many builders know, a dedicated team who earns their living by maximizing your results produces a significantly better outcome than the alternative. Most builders believe they have to hire their team onto their books to gain this type of dedication. We’ve created an option that invalidates this thought.

Reason #2: National expertise and perspective derived from the industry’s best resources.

New Home Star is a national Organization with operations in 22 markets across the United States. The company grew 1300% during the worst real estate correction period in a generation, and it did so through a continuous learning model that produced systems, tools, technology, and processes that are now proven and unrivaled in the industry. New Home Star’s toolkit includes:

  • Comprehensive and relevant training, influenced by the most up-to-date information on adult education and real world application.
  • A Quarterly Operations Cycle completed by each sales associate, culminating in a robust Business Plan.
  • Weekly Director Calls intended to maximize recognition for top producers across the country, provide a platform to share best practices, and align initiatives that are relevant to today’s business challenges.
  • Quarterly Director Training meetings, during which hundreds of years of experience in sales and sales management gather in the same room for three days to share best practices, develop both personally and professionally and align on quarterly company priorities.
  • Star Marketing, a resource that sales teams can go to for professional marketing support and guidance in driving their own traffic.
  • New Home Connect™, New Home Star’s unique technology platform that connects every team member from across the country to share, recognize, train, learn and be motivated each day.
  • Multi-Layer recruitment and HR processes that have been proven to produce top talent for the organization.
  • A career path for sales professionals that is unmatched in the industry, ensuring that we recruit and retain the very best and brightest.
  • Contests that range in size from Tesla giveaways and amazing trips to national recognition and fun prizes (even the t-shirts giveaways are better than anywhere else)!
  • A culture that is infectious and attractive to the best of the best.

Reason #3: A financial model that builders love– we are paid variably.

New Home Star develops all of these resources, betting on the fact that they work. We do not receive compensation unless we perform, as our revenue comes solely from commissions paid at closing. Just as if you had hired a general brokerage, New Home Star’s model allows builders to pay variably. Builders can experience $0 overhead while still experiencing the dedication of an in-house team.

With these three reasons in mind, the value proposition has become a simple, logical equation - retain complete control, experience the look and feel of an in-house team and gain access to the industry’s best tools, resources, and practices while still realizing the financial advantages of a general brokerage. It’s the future of selling new homes; it simply makes too much sense. Now, there is a company that makes it an option for you.

Originally published Nov 28, 2017 under Explore the latest topics, updated February 2, 2024

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