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Be Our Guest: Tips ...

Be Our Guest: Tips for Transforming Your Model Home

By Star Report 3 min read

There aren't many professional roles that allow you to leave the comfort of your home and go spend eight hours in another cozy house. For onsite sales professionals, this is a daily reality! As representatives of new home sales, we find ourselves in the unique position to welcome customers into our "second home" and show them exactly what we have to offer.

Our builders spend a tremendous amount of time and resources to get our community model home just right. Each model is designed with a target consumer group in mind, and even the smallest details (pictures on the mantel, post-it notes on the fridge, etc.) allow this specific buyer to picture their own dream home. With this in mind, the question then becomes, how do we make this a welcoming and inviting experience? Here are a few generic tips to making your model go above and beyond:

Start with the outside: The external part of the model is the first thing a customer sees. What is their first impression? Make sure that the yard is tended to and that the doorway is clean and freshly painted. A 'welcome' mat or potted flowers are the perfect way to brighten up your entrance!

Keep it clean: It's not only important to take out the trash daily but to make sure that the home smells fresh and clean. Place a few air fresheners around the house, have the cleaning crew spruce things up on a regular basis, or go one step further and do some baking! Chocolate chip cookies can create a delicious homey aroma and provide you with snacks for your customers!

Provide treats: If baking isn't your team's thing, make sure to have treats available for guests. Mints, chocolates, or candy can be a welcoming addition to your model.

Create a kids center: A play area for our littlest guests will enable the parents to focus fully on the home. Puzzles, Legos, and coloring can be a welcoming and useful distraction for younger kids. A child-size table and chairs will ensure a safe area to keep them entertained. Make sure to tidy things up for the next family! 

Include gift bags: Consider having a little gift bag for children. This can be accomplished by going to the dollar store and picking up a few fun items. These items can be as simple as a pack of crayons, a coloring book, and a snack or two (i.e. a pack of goldfish or animal crackers). If you have something kid-friendly and builder-branded…include that!

Keep it relaxed: Hovering over a plat table is not always the most effective for building rapport. Invite your guests to sit down. This will slow down the pace and enable you to get to know your buyer in a relaxed setting. Start things off on the right note!

As you decorate your model, take these tips a step further and think about the primary audience that you're targeting. Does your TCG have young children? If so, the gift bags and play area might be key. Are they generally young couples without children? Perhaps you focus on showcasing a well-designed office space and providing coffee. However, you decide to decorate, consider how you'd make your own family and friends feel welcome if the model were your own home. You might be surprised at just how inclined your prospects are to visit again and bring their friends!

Originally published Mar 9, 2016 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 15, 2024

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