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Effective Backlog ...

Effective Backlog Management Techniques

By Michael Scott 3 min read


Backlog management is a critical part of the new home sales process, especially in today’s world. An agent must provide a favorable experience after the execution of the agreement. It is easy for a buyer to experience an emotional rollercoaster throughout the backlog process due to the uncertainties in the market, news headlines, and other external factors that our sales professionals cannot control. Without a solid backlog management structure, a buyer can let all of the exterior noise they hear affect them negatively, so it’s important to keep building the positive experience of purchasing a new home with useful information throughout the entire build-out process.

How can an agent have an effective backlog management strategy? Here are four tips on how you can coach your team to give a buyer a great experience while they navigate through the high and low points during the construction process of their new home:

Weekly Communication

A vital part of backlog management is weekly communication. During the permitting stage, it is important to send articles to buyers to reaffirm their decision on why buying a new home right now is the best decision someone can make. Buyers are typically at an emotional low after they have completed the color selection phase and enter the permit process. Examples include updates on the real estate market, builder success stories, and historically low interest rates. Remember, as home construction begins, weekly phone/video calls are essential to keep a buyer engaged throughout the entire process.

Video Calls

Weekly construction phone call updates to a buyer is a must. However, consider incorporating video calls. A video call reengages emotional attachment to the home and gives a buyer a face to the voice. Keeping a buyer at an emotional high requires more personable touches throughout their journey to new homeownership.

Show Excitement

Buying a new home is one of the most significant purchases of someone’s life. It is important to express excitement to a buyer to minimize emotional lows. Examples include weekly pictures sent to a buyer expressing the enthusiasm of milestone completions, Zoom/Facetime walkthroughs of their home, and creating a picture of how the final product will look.

Communicating Tough News Face-To-Face

It is not uncommon for delays to occur to someone’s home as it is getting built. It is not okay to give tough news to a buyer through email or over the phone. If it is not possible to meet with a buyer in person, a video call is the best option. A buyer can see and hear the concern that the agent has and will understand any conflicts in a more effective way than getting the news over the phone/email.

Backlog management will always be an important part of converting a buyer to a new homeowner. By incorporating these best practices detailed above, your sales agents will have effectively completed the new home sales process. By mastering backlog management, sales professionals can have a direct impact on limiting cancellations, increasing customer satisfaction, and helping their buyers achieve the American dream of buying a new home!

Originally published Jun 17, 2020 under Explore the latest topics, updated January 24, 2024

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