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6 Advantages of ...

6 Advantages of Buying a New Home

By Star Report 4 min read

Every space and place has its pros and cons. New homes and resale homes come with their advantages and disadvantages, too. And while there is nothing wrong with a resale home that you fall in love with, there are many advantages to look at designing or simply purchasing a new home. Here are six reasons you should think before you buy:


1. Warranty 

Like your new iPhone or perhaps a new car, new houses typically come with a one-year warranty from the builder for repairs or mishaps. When buying a resale, you don't know exactly what you're signing up for. And while you may have a warranty, most problems will go unnoticed for the first few years. Defects will typically be hidden, and suddenly, you're handing over more cash for things you didn't even know were wrong to begin with.

2. Wide Selection

With each passing year, the design options get better and better. Builders know that people want everything to be completely customizable, and they have molded their ways because of that. Starting from the ground up (literally) offers buyers to put their own touch on just about every aspect of their new home. While possible, it is harder to add this signature touch to a resale home.

3. Live in a well-designed community

Many communities these days are planned far in advance. They are surrounded by pools, malls, schools, stores, spas, and everything. Everything you could need within one community, making the amenities top-notch. Whether it's a move-in ready home or one you bring on a builder for, these communities make living arrangements easy and convenient. You don't need to travel far for a movie theater or a biking trail, and most things are made to follow specific codes and guidelines. These rules make a community look uniform, clean, and well-kept.

4. Less maintenance

New homes are built with the future in mind. This means that when buying a resale home, you might not understand the repainting, rewiring, and maintenance work you have ahead. Builders look to the future and keep in mind what type of maintenance work could be expected and use products that avoid that. Whether that is trim that won't need to be repainted or a type of wood door that will not be affected by water damage, there are far more options to avoid maintenance than in a resale home.

5. Start with a clean slate financially 

Along with less maintenance, you are starting in a good position financially. This pairs up with your warranty. When you move into a resale home, everything on the top surface might look peachy-keen. But after a few months or years, you might come across something that needs repairing. Like a car with flat tires, you want to live in a place that is safe and secure. When you buy a new house, you know that there aren't any broken appliances or items that will need repair in the near future. With a resale home, you might be buying the house and the repairs it needs.

6. Energy efficiency 

From greener appliances to entryways that are more tightly sealed to keep heated or cooled air inside, there are dozens of ways that builders are making new homes more efficient. Not just in the way your home is designed, either. The way they build the house is much more efficient, too. You'll be able to feel good about the appliances inside your house to the foundation your home is laid on. Lower bills are a huge plus that keeps on giving throughout the year. To replace all of the appliances, insulation, windows, and doors would be a nightmare in a resale home. These types of precautions are already taken into account before a new home is even built.


There are many other reasons why it's a good idea to look at a building or a move-in-ready new home. This doesn't mean there aren't disadvantages to a new home, because, like most things, there are. Do your research, understand the market, and get multiple opinions before you make a final decision. Every family needs to make a different choice for different reasons, so don't think there is one right answer for everyone.

Originally published Feb 18, 2015 under Explore the latest topics, updated September 22, 2023

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