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4th Quarter Closing Sales Training Get Your Head in the Game: Prepping for 4th Quarter Sales

By Star Report 4 min read

By Keith McKinney, VP of Organizational Development - New Home Star

In the game of new home sales, we are just wrapping up the first quarter. This time of year is always full of excitement; our buyers are out, and everything is setup to maximize sales in a big way. However, what you do now will decide how you finish in the fourth quarter later this year, just as in a basketball game. This is why you must look ahead and properly strategize to get the W, and in our case, the sales.

The long-term strategy may seem foggy or difficult to envision, but doing so will bring the ultimate success down the road. Good new home sales management need to carry out the right decisions now to produce the results they crave for their teams. One must be consistent and diligent while leading, acting as an example by assuring your teams to do right now to produce good sales results later. If not, your sales team, just as any other overworked athlete, will run out of gas at the end of the game. Prepping your teams for those final minutes of the game, or days of the first quarter is vital to their success. In order to help your team succeed, what are you going to do as a manager or sales associate in the new home sales industry at the end of the first quarter that will make for a stellar fourth quarter? Here are some strategies that will help you along the way:

Increase your stamina with off-season workouts. So when exactly is this off-season when comparing the four quarters of selling to a traditional sporting event? The answer is simple: the off-season for sales associates is when they punch out for the day. The things you are doing during your downtime should be enhancing your knowledge and make you a master of your craft. Here are some examples of how to have a productive off-season for those associates in the field:

  1. Subscribe to third-party home industry newsletters.
  2. Make sure your Builder Magazine subscription is up-to-date.
  3. Give yourself a timeline to read an industry related book in a month.
  4. Set aside two hours a week to research industry news.

Managers, your off-season attention is also vital to your team's' performance. Here are ways you can increase stamina across the board:

  1. Identify the players you need in the fourth-quarter. The high amount of traffic we receive during the first and second quarter is always monumental. Identifying your roster now and creating a consistent follow-up program is key to the sales your team will make. Line up your prospects; this is the action that will help you get the points you need to win the game and close those sales.
  2. Keep your head in the game. Just like in any athletic event you have to be focused on the game the entire time. Most new home sales professionals have heard the phrase that achieving good sales results is all in your head. If you believe you're not going to sell homes in your community, then chances are you won't. As the great hockey player, Wayne Gretzky once said,: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

Lace up and take a look at your situation now as the game begins and start preparing yourself to finish strong when the fourth quarter rolls around. The game of new home sales begins and ends with your leadership, preparation, and mindset. Get out there and focus on the results you want and need; don't lose the fourth quarter!


Keith McKinney, VP of Organizational Development

Keith McKinney has captivated audiences on all levels of the new home industry. In just 14 years he has demonstrated his vast understanding of the new home sales process, unique and commanding leadership style, plus his expert knowledge in sales operations. His reputation as an unmatched trainer and motivator has allowed him to play a major role in the unprecedented growth of New Home Star and influenced the lives of hundreds of salespeople.  Keith is an award-winning sales and management professional who has earned these distinctions by producing market leading results and sales team effectiveness for many homebuilding organizations.

Originally published Apr 3, 2017 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 11, 2024

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