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New Home Star’s Commitment to Be An Inclusive Organization

By Star Report 1 min read

Chicago, IL - You may have seen the statement NHS made publicly on June 3rd. It read, "At New Home Star, we promise to provide excellent careers for our people. "Excellent Careers" most certainly means careers that are free of racism or any form of discrimination. We are fully committed to continuing to provide an inclusive and safe work environment for people of color. We are also committed to interacting with customers of all backgrounds without bias. We believe in love, kindness, truth, peace, and we believe in it for all people."

Since making that statement ten days ago, New Home Star has worked to take action to ensure they are living up to these ideas. First, the firm has formally confirmed for all of its team members and partners that they fully support peaceful protests that call for reform. Next, they have set their own internal policy of zero-tolerance for any form of racial discrimination. They have also renewed a two-year-old initiative to bring diversity and inclusivity to the forefront of the organization's thinking by forming a Diversity & Inclusivity Counsel that will include experts from outside of the company. Lastly, the organization has committed to supporting relevant social causes by matching dollar-for-dollar donations made by their nearly 500 team members nationally.

Originally published Jun 15, 2020 under Newsroom, updated May 14, 2021

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