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Ten Virtually Home Selling Hacks for Sales Agents

By Nate Amidon 6 min read

This past year has brought upon many changes both personally and professionally, with one of these being the need to sell homes virtually. This new way of selling has caused sales professionals to adjust their practices in ways never experienced before. With several months of experience in our tool belts, we’ve compiled 10 hacks to take your virtual selling practices to the next level. 

1. Mindset

First and foremost, mindset is everything. Once you’ve understood that there’s a need for something, act on that need and practice nonstop. In the case of virtual selling, committing to doing this and doing it well is not easy and it will take work. Persistence is key in developing and maintaining this mindset even through the challenges that arise. Being consistent and dedicated to this process, constantly learning, and working through the hurdles will prove to be worth it as virtual selling is here to stay. 

2. Gaining Agreement 

In order to get your potential buyers to hop on a virtual call with you, continually drive the value behind your virtual meeting and keep building credibility. Let them know that this is a common practice these days, and explain the ease and benefits of this meeting so your potential buyers can get a well-rounded idea of why they should agree to do this and what exactly you'll be able to demonstrate to them. Drive home the fact that you may be able to show them more than what you could over a simple phone call. Once you gain their agreement, ensure you have your tools ready at all times so you can showcase your expertise, build credibility, and be able to provide them with any resources at a moment's notice. 

3. Zoom Etiquette 

This past year has introduced many people to a world of Zoom that most of us didn’t know existed. With that, comes learning how to prepare and operate a new platform in order to utilize it to its greatest extent. To get the most out of a virtual meeting and portray yourself professionally through a screen, be aware of several aspects that all work directly with each other. 

  • Dress to success, even from the comfort of your own home.
  • Be aware of your lighting and background. Search for a backdrop that is well-lit and provides you with a clean, appealing, and distraction-free view.
  • Be aware of your sound quality. If needed, consider investing in additional equipment. 
  • Be proactive about minimizing interruptions as best you can. 
  • Be mindful of your distance from the camera, and use the rule of thirds — meaning you should look  ⅓ of the way down from the top of the camera.

4. QR Codes

A QR movement was in full force throughout 2020. With the need to minimize interactions between multiple people handling the same object, QR codes have been an outlet for businesses to provide information and resources in a safe and effective way. Scanning QR codes has become second nature and breathes new life into traditional marketing. They are cost-effective, easy to deploy, and will continue to be adopted by businesses from this point on. Adding them to promotional materials, signage, and other items is an easy and quick way to effectively increase your reach, especially if you are allowing self-guided home tours.

5. Know When to Engage Virtually

Engage with your buyers as early and as often as possible. The quicker you can get them face-to-face is key. In addition, consider unique circumstances, including military buyers, relocations, being quarantined, or having a baby — all of which a virtual appointment may be the only, or best option now and in the future.

6. Creating a Safe Environment 

Once your prospect is ready to move forward and meet you in person, put a large focus on creating a safe environment for them. Utilize COVID-19 policy signs, sanitize surfaces often, place hand sanitizer in multiple spaces, and have PPE available. They want to see these extra efforts being made, and it gives them an impression that you’re trustworthy, you care, and are taking effective measures to protect others.  

7. The New FBEs 

The way people are living in their homes is different. Things that were necessary features and benefits a year ago may have changed as a result of current events and the ever-changing nature of the world. If potential buyers are not engaging with FBEs, then you may not be giving the correct ones. Have an emotionally engaging conversation about something personal to them, such as how they could best use their flex space or how their life has changed and needs have shifted throughout this past year. Many people are feeling isolated and are ready to have these conversations. 

8. Preparing Your Virtual Toolkit 

Compile an online folder with all paperwork, information, and other resources. This way, when you need to provide a customer with a document, you’re able to quickly access the item or share the entire folder with them. Make sure you build this out prior to your virtual meeting so you are ready to send this over at any moment. This displays professionalism, preparedness, and a high level of organization, which works to further establish a strong relationship with your clients. 

9. Virtual Marketing 

Taking advantage of virtual marketing opportunities during this time is extremely important. Build your online presence and reach out to Realtors or brokers in your area. Host a virtual Realtor round table about market trends. Plan a live tour of your inventory and model homes on Facebook. Contact managing brokers and ask to host their meetings. Host a virtual meet and greet for customers or current homeowners in your community. Get creative and stretch outside your comfort zone by looking into new and modern forms of connectivity. 

10. Creating an Emotional Peak 

Reaching an emotional peak virtually can be a challenging feat. You’re down to only two senses, and you’ll need to make the most of them. Customize your presentation to your particular buyer. Use voice fluctuations, show your excitement, and also give your customers permission to get excited as this is such a monumental time in their life. As always, ensure you have a high-speed internet connection and that all HD settings are on to get even more out of this virtual experience.

As business continues to shift to more virtual interactions, the need for online sales teams has increased. For more information on continually expanding operations, check out our comprehensive guide to creating an online sales team for home builders. 

Originally published May 17, 2021 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 4, 2024

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