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Reaching Sales Excellence

By Star Report 4 min read


While each company cultivates a different culture and holds unique mission and vision statements, many companies are working towards a common goal of being the best in the industry. Many times, employees are at the heart of this success journey.  As we continue to strive towards becoming experts at our craft and the best new home sales company in the world, we should be aware of the qualities that contribute to reaching sales excellence. With this in mind, here are four aspects that are essential in achieving this goal.


Although it isn’t a word that is typically used when discussing sales excellence, it gets at the core of what it truly means to do your best. As sales professionals, we sometimes work long hours to achieve our goals in order to put ourselves in the best possible position for continued success. We aren’t putting in the extra work simply for money or to please our builder because, ultimately, we are looking for something more. We put in long hours and consistently train to improve our skills because we have been entrusted with an opportunity.

The question we should all ask ourselves is: what are we going to do with the excellent opportunity that we have been given? Whether that means being the hardest worker in the room or simply doing small things right that will eventually lead to big things, opportunities are everywhere you look. For example, turning off the lights and lamps in the model home doesn’t take much more effort. The builder may not notice the small amount of money added to their electric bill, but it’s about courtesy and setting the proper precedent for yourself. If you do everything at 100%, success will follow, and we owe it to both ourselves and our builder to make the most of the opportunity we have been given.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is important because it’s a reflection of your efforts; you’re not born with it, you learn it and can continue to do so throughout your life. Being able to pick up on body language, slight changes in facial expressions and tone, etc., can all dramatically shift your conversion rate at the point of sale. These skills allow you to change the pace and direction of your presentation so you can adapt to your buyers’ needs.

Not only will this skill help to create more sales and opportunities for the future, but it also affects the relationship you have with your coworkers, managers, and builder. Our goal is to sell homes, but an ever-changing and competitive selling environment requires you to be an emotionally intelligent individual that maintains good relationships with others. In any business, there are multifaceted relationships you need to maintain to ensure everything runs smoothly. To continually improve upon this skill, consider reading at least two emotional intelligence books per year as a way to ensure constant learning.


The feeling you get from completing a sale is one of the best parts of our job. As you continue to sell more and more, it’s easy for our natural competitive nature to arise. While some healthy competition is encouraged, we need to do everything in our power to keep our eyes on the prize; the goal is not to be recognized, but rather to make the most of the opportunity we have been given and make a difference in the lives of well-deserving individuals.

When we are making a sale, we are working with people that are looking to make a connection; we should try connecting with our customers on a deeper level. When we actively try to do just that, the difference it makes and the satisfaction we get is on a whole different level.


Like any profession, we have all experienced some less-than-stellar days on the job. Sometimes, the highs and lows of the job can reach the same magnitude, thus bringing us down. However, persistence and resilience is key. Regardless of what happens, you have a job to do, and you have the ability to make the most of it. You have been entrusted with the opportunity of being a valuable asset to your company, and you cannot simply give up at the first sight of difficulty. There are thousands of homebuyers and plenty of resources and training available to assist us in continually making sales. If you have a rough patch, do not give up and continue to put in the effort to further your company’s vision and mission as well as your personal growth.

While there are several other tactics and strategies of how to reach sales excellence, these four points truly stand out and make all the difference for our teams. They’re vital to the success of each and every sales professional, both on an individual and collective level. With these four aspects in mind, we can continue to work on building the best new home sales company in the world!

*This insight was pulled from the Peer Learning section on New Home Connect™ — where team members are encouraged to provide their expertise with one another.

Originally published Jan 22, 2021 under Explore the latest topics, updated February 1, 2024

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