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Chat GPT for Real Estate: What can it do for new home sales teams?

By Chris Laskowski 6 min read

It’s no secret that ChatGPT, the conversational AI model, has already disrupted many industries since its inception late last year. 

High school students applying to college have discovered opportunities to leverage the AI technology to write their essays — one professor used ChatGPT to generate text from a prompt, and while the passage “reads like a filler,” “so do most college essays.” When it comes to jobs like writing product reviews, ChatGPT can set the tone and talk about the design, but the produced review lacks the accuracy that the human eye can provide. Using the technology can help recruiters write job descriptions faster, leaving them extra time and space to focus on other candidate needs.

These use cases, along with many others that have emerged, beg the question for every industry leader: how should we be taking advantage of AI capabilities to enhance our team and scale?

For leaders in the new home space who might be wondering what the impact ChatGPT can have on our industry is (if any), the answer is: significant. While it will never fully replace the work our new home sales teams have to do in writing effective content and messaging, it can help set the tone and basis for thinking about our content. 

So what’s next for ChatGPT use in the new home selling space? Here are five predictions and use cases. 

Use Case #1: Listings 

Truth be told, we often don’t see great content coming from sales teams on home listings. ChatGPT offers one way for sellers to boost listings content without taking too much time out of their days to come up with creative, well-written, and finessed ideas.

With ChatGPT, all you need to do is provide a few different keywords and direction for the post, and you’ll have at least the start of a strong listing. 

Here’s one example. We provided the AI tool with the following prompt: Write a home listing post for a new home using the following keywords: new home in Austin, Texas, luxurious, big backyard, in a great community. 

With just that small amount of information, here’s what the bot came up with: 


Not bad, if you ask me…

Yes, the post needs some editing from a human to ensure the brand and voice strike the right tone and that it captures the nuances of the unique home. However, the bot provided the sales rep with a strong starting point, which is often the hardest part! 

ChatGPT can help us do marketing faster by giving us a baseline to work with — and one that removes spelling errors, flows well, is professionally written, and shares a strong narrative to build upon with listings. 

Use Case #2: Social Media Posts 

So much of our lives happen across various social media channels these days. Brands need to be where their prospective customers are, which means they’re active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even TikTok, as well as other emerging channels. 

The more engaging content you can have on your social channels, the better. ChatGPT can’t create the perfect post for you, but it can point you in the right direction. 

For example, we asked the bot to create a social post about why it's important to buy a new home right now to have time to move in before the school year. The answer it provided was pretty impressive:

It even gave us hashtag suggestions! This could be a great LinkedIn post that could also be repurposed for Twitter and other channels. 

Use Case #3: Simple Blog Posts

ChatGPT isn’t going to be your next critically-acclaimed author, but it can create simple blog posts if you’re looking for “top ten” style articles or simple trend pieces. 

This enables new home salespeople who previously didn’t prioritize writing long-form content to not only pick it up but excel in churning out relevant pieces. These blog posts can create substantial SEO value with the right keywords and make companies authorities in their spaces to drive more traffic to new home buyers and builder websites. 

We asked ChatGPT to write a blog post on 10 ways to train a new home sales team. Here’s what it wrote:


Previously, this type of writing might not have been available to agents in the past who have to spend 80% of their time with clients, prepping for client meetings, in training, etc. Now, ChatGPT has created a world where agents can also be better marketers with the help of the bot to start the content they want to publish. 

Use Case #4: Repetitive Emails

Within this industry, emails are vital. In fact, a lot of the emails can be quite repetitive. Well, have no fear, ChatGPT is here! It offers access to a huge variety of email templates. Although it may lack the personal tone of emails at times, this tool can provide valuable content in generic emails. A few examples of beneficial emails ChatGPT can create include customer updates and thank you notes to clients. 

Below is an example of a thank you email ChatGPT produced with the prompt of creating a thank you email for the sales agents for closing out a community in Austin, Texas.

Developing these emails can take time, and ChatGPT provides a quickly-generated template and basis for generic emails to blast out for generic email blast for internal communication and for agents.

Use Case #5: Expanding Strategy Toolkit

Want to expand your horizons beyond your current marketing and sales strategies? Well, ChatGPT is the perfect resource to provide insight into these different strategies. Because this platform scrapes multiple websites to develop an answer, it is very effective at getting a lot of information in a quick, digestible manner. This saves hours of time used from having to collect various strategies across multiple websites. Additionally, these answers can bring a newfound joy and spark new ideas to expand your strategy tool kit.

This is only a tiny portion of the examples that Chat GPT provided of marketing strategies for selling new homes.

Remember, the more detailed the prompt, the more detailed the response will be to answer any specific questions. Don’t be afraid to ask away and fire off follow-up questions to dive deep into these topics of marketing and sales strategies to expand your current toolbox! 

So, What’s Next for ChatGPT?

I think the next phase of ChatGPT will be integrated with Microsoft’s search engine in a more robust way. Right now, Google is on red alert, ringing the bell with every alarm going off — because Microsoft has an incredible tool already launched in the marketplace. 90% of SEO traffic is currently captured by Google search engine, but the moment Microsoft creates a better-competing product with Bing, it’s going to be capturing market share. 

In builder websites, ChatGPT integration could help optimize content and lend websites to being a lot more SEO-friendly. In the future, I expect to see substantial integration with websites and home sellers and builders alike leveraging the technology to create web copy that resonates and performs. 

Of course, the technology is still fresh, and it’s being experimented with across many use cases, so it’ll be fascinating to see which industries it impacts the most. We’ll be tracking it closely at New Home Star, along with any other tools that come onto the scene, and will be very open to exploring them!

Originally published Jun 6, 2023 under Explore the latest topics, updated January 23, 2024

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