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8 Reasons Professionals Need Time to "Think"

By Jeff Menzel 3 min read

How much time do you really take to think?

This question might seem strange, as we are constantly thinking about appointments with buyers, meetings we need to schedule, and even what to have for lunch! Though we think about a million little things throughout our day, few of us take time away from the hustle and bustle to really reset our thoughts. My guess is that now many of you have changed your answer to this question.

In today's digital age we are always connected. We can check email on the go and are constantly bombarded with text messages or social media notifications. Recently, I read a report that said humans take less time to think deeply due to this digital age. The study stated that while past generations exercised more brain activity as they waited in the grocery store line, for example, humans today depend on entertainment from handheld devices during even the most mundane tasks. What might this mean for modern-day sales professionals? Why is this so important? 

Research also shows that the most successful people take time to THINK! While much of our job depends on electronics, putting the devices away for a portion of your day is an integral element of self-development and continual improvement. Here are some best practices to help make this happen: 

1. Each day, spend a little time away from your phone and computer. This will help reset your thoughts and motivation.

2. Go to a quiet and calm place to think (i.e. a walk outdoors or practicing meditation). 

3. Give yourself a few minutes to get into 'thinking' mode.

4. Let your mind take you in any direction. Let one thought lead to the next.

5. Set a limit on how long you are going to think. This will allow you to let go and not be worried about other ways you could be using that allotted time.

6. Try and think about the 'big picture' and not just the little details. 

7. Wrap up your thoughts with some takeaways or actionable items. What do you want to accomplish?

8. Don't make the excuse, "I'm too busy. I don't have time for that." 


Let's take a look at our sixth point listed above. If you spend your time worrying about little details (i.e. the loan approval for lot 8 or the appointment you need to set), you aren't resetting your thoughts. A more productive use of your 'thinking time' is to work on 'big picture' ideas such as how you can improve communication with coworkers, how to approach your new exercise routine, or how to better balance work and family. Simply put, think about anything that will make you a better you! You'll be surprised at how this simple practice can reap big results in both your personal and professional life. 

Jeff Menzel brings 20+ years of experience and unwavering enthusiasm to the New Home Star team. He currently works with New Home Star's largest client, Hayden Homes, overseeing sales operations in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Originally published Jun 2, 2016 under Explore the latest topics, updated February 21, 2022

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